Harzardous Cargo
Every day sees more hazardous material being moved around the globe than ever before. The increasing activity is driven by the pace of economic development in virtually all parts of the world. This puts tremendous strains on the transport infrastructure, particularly in the more recently developed regions. While the risks are everywhere similar, the problems are site specific. In some areas handling may need upgrading from "low tech" to "high tech" while elsewhere the leap required is from "no tech" to "high tech"
Keel Logistics has a strong commitment to principles of safety, health and environmental protection in the storage,
  transportation and delivery of dangerous goods. Strict controls are in place to ensure that these cargoes are handled safely.
We are experts in shipping / air freighting hazardous cargo that are fully compliant with IMDG, ADR and IATA Regulations.
We specialize in handling the issuance of dangerous goods declaration, classification, packing, re-packing, labeling and
We have built a reputation of being experts in the world of hazardous cargo, and are often contacted by other forwarders and
  liners for advice.
Keel Logistics has a dedicated team who is well trained at all levels of the supply chain and regularly update ourselves to keep abreast with the latest
  technology and issues and regulations to conform to the safe transport of hazardous cargo by surface, sea or air.

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