ISO Tanks / Flexi Tanks
ISO tanks are the revolutionary concept in the transportation of liquid, gaseous and powder chemicals. They provide a sturdy
  safe and user friendly mode of loading, carriage, transportation, shipping and discharge of various hazardous, non-hazardous
  and food grade chemicals adhering to the international norms regulations of safety.
It was quoted at a recent conference at U.S that by the end of this decade the ISO will be the only mode of transporting /
  packaging liquids accepted globally.
We serve our valuable customers for worldwide locations for Export and Import.
We offer Flexi-Tanks varying in sizes from 16KL to 24KL fit to carry any non-hazardous liquid chemicals catering even to the
  food industry.
Easy to handle, load and discharge. Each Flexitank comes equipped with auto air vents, hose with integral shut off valves
  fitted as standard.
The FlexiTank is environmentally friendly. Ethylene co-polymers are fully recyclable and disposal is globally accepted and
  recognised by means of incineration or landfill.

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